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Do any of these sound familiar?

My relationship is falling apart.

I am struggling with complacency and overthinking.

I feel lost or unsure of my purpose in life.

Discover Our 5-Phase, Personalized Program That's Helped Over 107 Transformation-Driven People Just Like You

Align With Their Life Purpose

Go from feeling lost and overwhelmed to having a clear direction and purpose.

Develop the Power of Their Mind

Let go of uncertainty and doubt, so you can use your mind to build your ideal life, not restrict it.

Revitalize Their Relationship

Evolve from mundane complacency to build a relationship that is exciting, enduring, and fulfilling.

Accelerate Their Personal Growth

Gain the tools to maintain a perpetual state of growth, inspiration, and progress.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I had several sessions with Zach over the course of a couple months. He uses a number of different techniques to better understand and connect with you. Some of these techniques include astrological charts, energy readings, life coaching, meditations, avidly listening, and providing guidance with practical suggestions and ideas you can easily implement.

He ultimately helped me find purpose and meaning in many different areas of my life: career, relationships, launching my own business, and self-love.

Brittney Foley

Simply put, One Thought Growth has changed my life. Before talking with Zach, life was different. Now, I feel like I am far better off with living a much more positive and energetic life that I knew I could life.

The tools that I have learned from him over the past year have been life changing and I will be forever grateful to him. Take the leap and reach out to Zach at OTG, you won't be disappointed with the results.

David Wagner

Zachary Pontrello

Head Coach

I am committed to being at the forefront of enduring transformation, recognizing that real growth occurs when awareness, intention, vision, and actions are synergized.

My mission is to empower individuals to align their life with their unique true nature and purpose so they can build a life of enduring purpose, fulfillment, and meaningful relationships.

Are you tired of settling for complacency? Are you ready to actualize and realize your true potential, to live a meaningful life that will bring out the greatness within you and create enduring relationships and fulfillment? Now is the time.

Zachary Pontrello

Head Coach & Founder

Transformation Doesn't Have to Take Years

Why our Method works: it's personalized to you in just 5 Phases.


Save Years of Time By Deeply Understanding Your Gifts & Life Purpose Using the "11 Axis's."


Heal Limiting Beliefs and Old Patterns That Are No Longer Serving You.


Maximize Your Potential With Daily Ancient Wisdom Practices and Tools That Are Personalized to You.


Shift From Broad Intentions to Concrete Actions that Fill You With Confidence to Stay Committed to Your Vision.


Honor And Respect Yourself At New Levels to Finally Unlock Your Potential Using the "3 C's."

(Consistency, Conviction, and Clarity)

There are countless things to recommend about One Thought Growth.

Before I started working with Zach I often found myself getting caught up in the negativity that seems to be inescapable all around us. It was causing me to experience anxiety issues along with having just a poor attitude towards life.

Since then I've had a refreshed purpose to my day to day tasks and an open mind to a world full of new possibilities and its only been a few short weeks.

In conclusion Zach is extremely qualified in his teachings and has such a unique way of going about giving you the information you're searching for in addition to understanding it and being able to use them as tools in your own life!

Take a leap of faith and message Zach to start your path to an amazing new journey. I promise you will not regret it!

Jared Vogel

I would absolutely recommend working with Zachary.

He took the time to get to know and us as a couple. We have worked through personal barriers and challenges and Zach identified the areas we needed to nurture.

As a result, when we came together to overcome challenges, we understood ourselves and our partner. We are now entering married life with a shared understanding of our values and goals which are aligned with one another.

Even if you don't have 'problems,' I would encourage any couple to invest in time working with Zach to build concrete foundations.

The extra time we invested into ourselves with Zach has supported our relationship exponentially.

Jennifer Hughes

Are you ready to take action today?

It's time... to wake up to who you truly are.

It's time... to transform dreams into action.

It's time... to stop settling for anything less.

It's time... to reach your next level, so you can be and give more to yourself and everyone around you.

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